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points to be kept in mind while storing Oxygen & Fuel Gas Cylinders: –

  1. Floor of Storage area shall be level & free from undulation.
  2. Gas Cylinders shall be kept away from source of heat.
  3. Cylinder shall be stored in a well-protected, well- Ventilated, dry location, well away from highly combustible materials.
  4. Cylinder shall be stored in definitely assigned places away from stairs or passageways, assigned storage spaces shall be located where cylinders would not be knocked over or damaged by passing or falling objects.
  5. Cylinder shall not be kept in unventilated enclosures, such as lockers & cupboards.
  6. Cylinders containing oxygen & combustible gases, such as acetylene and hydrogen should not be stored in the same room.
  7. All gas Cylinders shall always be stored upright & chained to prevent from falling down.
  8. All cylinder shall be protected against excessive rise in temperature. Cylinder may be stored in the open, provided they are protected against inclemency of weather. During winter, cylinder stored in the open shall be protected against accumulation of ice or snow. Warm (not boiling) water shall be used to thaw ice in cylinder valve outlets.
  9. Cylinder stored in the open shall be screened against the continuous direct rays of the sun.
  10. Full & empty cylinders shall have their valves closed.


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