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Heat Stress:-

Heat Stress is a condition when excessive heat is absorbed by a person & causes stress, illness or death. It occurs when our body can not release excess heat, due to this body’s core temperature rises & the heart rate increases. As our body continues to store heat, the person begins to lose concentration and faces difficulty in doing any task, a person suffering from heat stroke often loses the desire to drink. He may get fainted and even dead if he is not cooled down.

Risk Factors for Heat Stress

1) Working in direct sun light , no breeze or wind.

2) Working in high temperature area’s such as near to furnace or oven.

3) Heavy physical work.

4) Low liquid intake.

5) Wearing of tight & thick clothes.

Symptoms of Heat Strees

a) Feeling headache, dizziness or fainting.

b) Feeling Weakness & wet skin.

c) Confusion & irritation.

d) Feeling thirsty, nausea, vomiting.

Treatment of Heat Stress

1) Drink lot of cool water.

2) Move to a cooler place.

3) Stop all work & take rest.

4) Wear loose fitting clothes

5) Take Medical help.

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