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Manual Material Handling:-

Manual Material Handling means moving, shifting or supporting any equipment, material or product by the use of muscular or physical force. Lifting, carrying, pushing
& pulling are all examples of manual material handling.

These activities can be seen at every workplace whether it is plant, office, building, road, hospital, construction sites, etc.

There are many risk involved in manual material handling.Sprain & Strain are most
commonly reported problems by workers who are involved in manual handling task.

What Should workers know before starting manual material handling

Workers should know & understand about the hazards associated with the task
& also know the safe material handling techniques.

What are the hazards in Manual Material Handling (MMH)

Following are the most common hazards in MMH:-

  • Back Pain due to improper bending , twisting & turning.
  • Sprain & Strain due to improper lifting of loads or due to carrying heavy & huge load.
  • Fractures due to falling of objects which have been stored improperly.
  • Cuts & bruises due to sharp material lifting without wearing gloves.

What precautions required in Manual Material Handling

Workers should wear required personal protective equipment & adopt safe lifting techniques. To prevent injury due to heavy & big size loads, workers should take help in the following.

1) If load is so big the worker can’t lift or grasp it properly.

2) If after lifting that load worker unable to see around or over a load.

3)If he feels that he can not handle that load.

Use of Personal Protective Equipments

We can prevent injuries that can cause due to manual material handling by the use following PPE’s:-

1) Cut resistance gloves for carrying loads with sharp or rough edges.

2) Goggles for eye protection.

3) Safety Shoes.

Steps for Manual Material Lifting

1) Keep your feet apart for a stable base; point toes out.

2) Bend your knees.  Don’t bend at your waist.

3) Tighten stomach muscles to support your spine when you lift.

4) Lift with your legs, not your weaker back muscles.  Keep your back up right.

5) Keep your load close to your body to keep the force of the load off your back.

Legal Guidelines for Manual Material Handling ( Max Weight to be lift)

a) Adult Male 50 Kg

b) Adult Female 30 Kg

c) Young Person Male (15 – 18 Yrs) 30 Kg

d) Young Person Female (15 -18 Yrs) 20 Kg f) Young Person Male (14 – 15 Yrs) 16 Kg g) Young Person Female (14 – 15 Yrs) 14 Kg

By following above techniques we can lift any object manually without any injury.


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