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are the various types of Gases with their characteristics

  1. Oxygen is an odour less & non flammable gas,but it helps in rapid combustion,Hence it can be highly dangerous, particularly in confined spaces, where it may not dissipate quickly, because the addition of only a small amount of oxygen to the normal atmosphere can create a violent fire risk from any stray spark or welding flame.
  2. Acetylene is highly flammable and with air, forms an explosive mixture which can be set off by any spark, flame or heat in the vicinity. It is , therefore, essential that all joints, especially on the gas cylinder , are tight; that the hoses themselves are in good condition and all the valves are turned off on completion of work. Acetylene Cylinder are filled with a porous substance such as charcoal or kapok, which is soaked with acetone. Because their design they should always be stored upright. The pressure in cylinder is 250 psi and volume of 8.5 cubic meter, copper pipe must not be used for connecting hoses together, as copper & acetylene can form copper acetylides, which are sensitive explosives. Acetylene should not be used to cut silver also. Color code for Acetylene cylinder is Maroon.
  3. Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a mixture of Butane & propane. It is highly inflammable & heavier than air. It flows along floors & tend to settle in low spots, such as basements & pits.

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