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Mock Drill Training

Mock Drill Mock Drill is just a rehearsal without an actual fire.

Mock Drill Training

Mock Drill

Mock Drill is just a rehearsal without an actual fire.

Fire Drill

Fire Drill is a way of practicing how a place, building, plant, school, hospital, or any area would be evacuated at the time of a fire or any other emergency.


An emergency is an event at the site which may affect several other work area within and may cause serious injuries, loss of life, serious affliction to health or serious damage to property. This may demand the rescue and relief measures on a war footing and at short notice. Sometimes external resources may also be required to handle the situation. Employees sensitization is very important by keeping the fact in our mind that an emergency situation such as fire, release of poisonous gas, earthquake or any such type of incident can occur any time due to our negligence or due to system failure which can leads to the death of several people.

Why do we required Emergency Planning

We all know that minor accidents do not cause that much loss as compared to major accidents, due to an emergency such as fire, release of chemical or earthquake etc. Many accidents like Bhopal Gas tragedy have occurred at many places in the world causing heavy loss of life & property. Every day we heard in news that due to fire many people died and property damage completely. Many factories, Cinema halls, hospitals, schools, godowns, warehouses permanently sealed by the government after a major fire incident. There is no substitute to emergency planning, only the best planning, periodical drill or rehearsal can prevent such type of disasters. The main purpose of Mock Drill is to check the level of emergency response plan of the organization with respect to their SOP’s ( Safe Operating Procedures). Through Mock drill we can find out gaps easily & by taking proper countermeasures we can plan for the best.

Important topics of Mock Drill Training

  • Definition of Mock drill.
  • Purpose & objective of conducting mock drill.
  • What type of problems comes during mock drill.
  • How to conduct a mock drill.
  • Different type of mock drills.
  • Emergency Response team Formation.
  • Roles & Responsibilities of ERT (Emergency Response team members).
  • Escape route explanation.
  • What are the safety precautions to be kept in mind during conducting of mock drill.
  • Mock Drill evaluation.
  • Emergency Plan implementation.

Who can Attend This Training

Emergency Response Team Members, security, first aiders, employee, supervisors, management key persons & stakeholders of organization?

Advantage of Mock Drill Training

  • Employee can better understand their roles & responsibilities.
  • They can help management by tackling an emergency situation.
  • Trained Employees can saves precious human lives & prevent property damage.


EHS CIRCLE INDIA is the Top Fire Consultant or consultancy in Delhi, NCR & India who conducts Mock Drill Training for schools through competent trainers in Pan India.

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