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points to be kept in mind while handling oxygen & fuel gas cylinders:-

  1. If cylinder are unloaded from truck manually a strong wooden ramp shall be used.
  2. Cylinder may be moved by tilting and rolling them on their bottom edges; dragging and sliding shall be avoided. When cylinder transported on a hand truck, they shall be secured in position. Cylinder shall not dropped or struck, nor shall they be permitted to strike each other violently.
  3. Valve protection cap shall not use for tilting cylinders. Valve protection caps are designed to protect cylinder valve from damage.
  4. Cylinder valves shall be closed before moving cylinders.
  5. Cylinder valves shall be closed when work is completed.
  6. Valves of empty cylinders shall also be kept closed.
  7. Cylinder shall be kept sufficiently far away from the actual welding or cutting operation so that sparks, hot slag or flames might not reach them.
  8. Cylinder shall not be placed where they might become part of an electric circuit or earthing layout.
  9. Cylinder shall never be used as a roller or supports, whether ‘full’ or ‘empty’.
  10.  The number & marking stamped on cylinder shall not be tempered.
  11.  Empty cylinder shall be marked ‘empty’.
  12.  No one shall tempered the safety devices provided in cylinder or valves.
  13.  When transporting cylinders by a crane or derrick, a cradle shall be used. Slings or electric magnets shall not be used for this purpose.
  14. Cylinder Trolley or Hand carts shall be used to shift a set of oxygen & Fuel gas Cylinder along with their accessories.
  15. Never allow to falling of cylinder during unloading.


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