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Fire Extinguishers (Copy)

Carbon-di-oxide Gas media is non-conductive, non-contaminating, non-residual, suitable for clean environments such as IT/ITES/Pharma/Food

  •  Manufacturing industries
  •  High rise buildings
  •  Software industries
  •  Hospitals
  •  Hotels
  •  Malls
  •  Schools
  •  Apartments




A fire extinguisher is an active fire Suppression device which can put off a fire and prevent a major fire accident from occurring.

Why Is It Necessary?

During fire accidents, the first two and half minutes are crucial as smoke can engulf an entire floor in minutes. Hence it is essential to put off the fire at the initial stage itself and prevent it from growing in to a major fire accident.



Capacity 2 Kg 3 Kg 4.5 Kg
Fire Rating 8B 13B 21B
Avg discharge time 12 sec 14 sec 14 sec
Diameter(Approx.) 108±10 mm 140±10 mm 140±10 mm
Filled Weight(Approx.) 8.9 kg or 8.2 kg 12.5 kg or 11.9 kg 17 kg or 16.4 kg
Empty Weight(Approx.) 6.9 kg or 6.2 kg 9.5 kg or 8.4 kg 12.5 kg or 11.9.4 kg
Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C -30°C to +55°C -30°C to +55°C
Maximum Service Pressure 106 bar 110 bar 105 bar
Test Pressure 250 kg/cm² 250 kg/cm² 250 kg/cm²


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