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Behaviour Based Safety Training

Behaviour based safety is the best way to promote safety in any organization.

Behaviour Based Safety Training

Doing BBS

Behaviour Based Safety : –

Behavior based safety (BBS) is a scientific approach that established relationship between management & employees. It continually focuses people’s attentions & theirs actions. In BBS we see what people do, analyzes why they do it, and then do the research to improve their unsafe behaviors. BBS was studied during 1968 to 1972. This research showed good results that by observing peoples during work can reduced accidents significantly.

Herbert William Heinrich did the research on Industrial Accidents. His research conclusion was that 88% of work place accidents were due to the unsafe behaviours of people. Since the early 1990’s behavioral safety (BBS) has fast become an established weapon in the war on workplace accidents. Many companies have experienced 40-90 percent falls in their accident rates within six to twelve months as a direct consequence of implementing the techniques associated with behavioral safety (BBS).

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Implementation

Following points needs to be kept in mind while implementing BBS:-

  • It involves significant workforce participation
  • It targets specific unsafe behaviors
  • It is based on observational data collection
  • It involves data-driven decision-making processes
  • It involves a systematic, observational, improvement intervention
  • Lower numbers of accidents or incidents, near-misses and property damage
  • Improved levels of DESIRED safety behaviors
  • Reduced accident costs
  • Reduction in Maintenance / Break Down’s
  • Increased reporting of defects, near misses, accidents.
  • Increased skills in positive reinforcement.

Importance of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Training

Behaviour based Safety training motivate employees to act towards safety. BBS Training plays a vital role in Accident Reduction. Behaviour based safety is the best way to promote safety in any organization. Behaviour based Safety training helps in converting unsafe behaviours to safe behaviour. BBS reduce accidents, minimize production loss, improve safety culture. We know that 88% of accidents are due to the unsafe behaviour of people , BBS changes those unsafe behaviours to safe behaviour.

ABC Model of Behaviour Based Safety

The ABC model is a technique by which we evaluate behaviours of people to determine why they act or behave in a certain way.

“A” – Antecedent – Event that triggers a behaviour.

“B” –  Behaviour – Observable Actions

“C” – Consequences – outcome or results of behaviour.

Basically , BBS is the method of using positive reinforcement to change unsafe individual behaviours & reinforce safe behaviours.

Activators:  A person, place, thing or event that happens before a behavior takes place that encourages you to perform that behavior. Activators only set the stage for behavior or performance – they don’t control it.

Behavior:   Any directly measurable thing that a person does, including speaking, acting, and performing physical functions.

Consequences are what the person who performs the behavior perceives or actually receives when he/she demonstrates a particular behavior.

Best Method of implementing Behaviour Based Safety

  1. Observe & Note down Behaviour of people.
  2. Analyze Data.
  3. Give solution – how to reduce risk.
  4. Change Behaviour.
  5. Evaluate whether changes are effective or not.

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